Lady Iohanna filia Iacobi

"Lagana et anates mihi placent"

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This journal is intended to reflect my experiences in the Society of Creative Anarchonism as Lady Iohanna filia Iacobi. I am Apprenticed to Maestra Giuliana Salviati, a member of the household of Torre della Croce, which is in turn a household of the Consortium Tuurim. I currently reside in the Barony of Ponte Alto, Kingdom of Atlantia.

My intention is to document sources / information as I find them, tagged and organized in a manner to support both my later use of the links and perhaps as reference by my gentle readers. I also intend to document my pursuit of various arts, largely clothing and textiles, including photographs and hopefully documentation as well.

Thank you for visiting; please provide comments and questions as you are moved!

-Lady Iohanna filia Iacobi
Sable, on a tower within an orle argent a decrescent gules
"Lagana et anates mihi placent"